Brandbook, UI/UX Design


MTTC is a leader in mobile equipment repair and the largest market player in the Baltic States. For almost 17 years, the company has been present in 15 European countries, providing full service for mobile devices – from functional troubleshooting to complete device upgrades


Create a Brand book. Create Web Design based on best UI/UX practices.


Brand Strategy, UX Strategy


Brandbook, UI/UX Design



Context & Idea

A brand book and website have been created for one of the largest mobile equipment repair leaders in the Baltic States. The brand book had to clearly define the rules that would guide the development of the website in the future. Having and enforcing a brand book’s guidelines is helps businesses achieve the consistency necessary for brand awareness, recognition and, loyalty


To creat a brand book is creative and responsible work. We were creating rules how to use and impose logo. What pictures style are usable and what shout to be avoided. Color pallets. Voice and attitude. Dos and Don’t Typography.

Logo Clear Space

The minimum distance to be maintained is based on the size of the cavity inside the last letter ‘c’ of the logo. It shall be maintained wherever the logo is used.

A unique trade book design has been created for mttc.

We created a brand book for “MTTC” with rules which puts in control design for printing, web design, and social media.

Rules based on best practices have been developed.

Research was done what work the best in practice. and all this we adapted to rules in brandbook.

Visually demonstrates how to follow them and adapt them in practice.

Given all visual examples of how to create new designs for future projects


Wireframes & Prototype

First and foremost, the wireframe is designed to combine wholeness and functionality. At the same time, introducing the client to the progress of the project. This forces everyone to look objectively at the usability of the website. The wireframe version allows you to see future difficulties and to correct them as much as possible at an early stage.

Final Result

Mobile and desktop UI/UX design based on best practices, addressing to the company’s audience and the needs of their customers, as well as the company’s desire to be exceptional and modern. A website with a style that will be fashionable and attractive in the future.

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